It's All About The Benjamins

All of our experiences include...

  • All of our experiences start with a consult call to go over details and figure out which experience works best for you

  • This is a full-day opportunity for you to step out of your box and see a different side of you

  • A delightful day of hanging with your besties filled with laughs and random antics

  • Every session is tailored to the client's vision and preferences. Poses and outfits are chosen to align with the client's tastes.

  • Our experiences are inclusive - meaning you aren’t purchasing a session and then having to pay for products separately

    Your session is a full-day experience from 9 am to 4 pm. You're invited to relax, enjoy your “Me Time” and have fun. Your session may run shorter or longer because our team will take as much time as needed to ensure that you receive beautiful images.

We want to build a relationship and personal experience with our clients. We want to change your perspective and the way you see yourself …if that is something you’re interested in….it all starts with a phone call.